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About Us

Our vision is to provide quality, unique work with dedication, creativity and initiative; helping our customers to achieve their dream outdoor living space. Our superb craftsmanship helps bring your vision to life.

P.S. Davis has been in Business for 18 plus years. The focus of any project big or small is always in the details. Paul’s keen eye, his attention to detail and appreciation of lines and shapes was refined while receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture. His desire to create artful living spaces that not only enhances lifestyles and beautifies your home/business, but that also work with the beauty of the environment.

What sets Paul apart is just that – he believes that the beauty of a project is held in the lines and edges and how they mingle with the landscape to create a harmonious and peaceful environment.

Through P.S. Davis’s depth and range of experience it is known that there are many practical considerations as well – such as drainage and grading.

Why natural stone is a question many ask and is easily answered. Natural stone provides texture, has a range of colors and a permanency that many building materials do not offer. Not only do these features make it the perfect choice for building, natural stone will also enhance the value, elegance and integrity of your home.

  Paul Davis

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